Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RC Mercedes-Benz CL 600 1/18 (radio controlled)

Hello friends,

This time i present you one of my new Mercedes toys; a RC (Radio Controlled) Mercedes Benz CL 600 with nice chrom rims and genuine Mercedes emblems :)

This is cca 1/18 scale and I love this Mercedes 600 coupe. Great product If you are into "china town" toys ;) Bought it in Tenerife.

Next time I will present some of my older projects; styling Mercedes-Benz cars; CLS/SL from Matchbox and SIKU. Tiny things :)


  1. Nice find, now I'm missing my RC cars....
    Thanks for sharing photos of your haul.

  2. I bought this RC benz on the last day of our holidays, two hours before going to the airport... I would definitely regret it otherwise :) I just know.

    What kind of RC cars do you like ?

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