Friday, September 4, 2009

Mercedes CLS, SIKU series custom modified

Mercedes CLS made by SIKU, this is a project that I finished a few years ago, man how time flies:

Stock car above, modified cars bellow:

Little, tiny things :) I like the SIKU toys, they are not the cheapest in comparison to other small toys, but they have "something" in them. Two Mercedes CLS cars were completely modified, from painted interior (command buttons, wood trim, etc. etc.) This was a fun project :) I need to finish a few more of my projects in 1/32, 1/24 and 1/18 scale that have been sitting on my shelves (on pause) for a few years now.

Next time old photos of my Matchbox series CLS and SL modifications ;)


  1. Tnx a lot ! As I mentioned, it is an old project, cca from year 2004/05 when the CLS cars came out, but they still looks fresh :)

  2. hi there! Nice blog you have here, like those merc. collection.

  3. nice custom work, keep them coming! btw, I also collect SIKU. =)

  4. nice customs!!! That wheels looks like Hummer! nice efforts.

  5. Liked the interiors so much. Wow! Great customs!

  6. Nice Benz die cast!

    I only have one MB diecast, a yellow Minichamps 300SL in 1:18.

  7. Guys thank you for your comments :)

    Had a very busy month (crazy September), so I had no time to write back or to post something new.

    I'll post more customs in the future, but guys, I will run out of these custom cars eventually and I'll have to start building some new ones :) That's not bad either :D

    Take care and keep on collecting/modifying my frineds !

    See you "online"

  8. The Toys looks like a real Car..amazing and so Interesting. Best regards
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