Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matchbox Mercedes SL modified

Hello friends,

The time has finally arrived to show you pictures of the modified SL Matchbox series diecast. The car has nice molding, but don't expect much from the interior. It is in stone age when it comes to details there :)
I modified this car because I just "felt" doing it so. New set of rims and some colors... Cannot believe how much effect can a few drops of color do in the right spots. When I look at the photos now, I see another thing to modify; to put a tiny dot of black color in the chrome exhaust pipes :) That's it. Take a look at the photos: Blue one is the modified one, silver SL is stock for comparison :)

 So, do you like it? Btw. I bought two orange Mercedes CLS's... now it's just a matter of time before new Matchbox projects start rolling of the "modifying line" hehe :)

See you guys around.


  1. Looks great! Do the wheels roll/turn or did you make them stationary?

  2. Thank you Eric, I'm glad you like this custom ;)

    Wheels are unfortunately stationary, no rolling involved, but the front wheels can be turned/adjusted left/right...


  3. nice modding on the SL!
    and very detailing job, the car looks much better than the originals.
    Btw, nice pictures too!!

  4. Tnx danielh, I appreciate it :)
    Pictures are a few years old but they still do the magic. At the moment I'm more into a white background themes when I'm photo shooting toys and model cars :)

  5. Biggie, as promised i featured a Merc diecast for you.

  6. Brain, I love it ! Tnx for posting :)))

    p.s. I will use one of your photos for my background picture :D Lovely tin plate Merc !

  7. Always admired folks who can DIY diecast :)

  8. Beautiful work on diecast. I like it. But it will be more attractive if the interior will be modified to some extent.

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