Monday, October 5, 2009

Matchbox Mercedes CLS, custom projects

Hello fellow collectors,

They are here. I promised you pictures of modified CLS from Matchbox series and here they are. Hope you like the modding done to this cars. I repainted the interior, painted the little wood trim inside it and changed all the rims :) This was done in 2004/05...


I'm 99 percent sure I got every possible color version of Mercedes CLS from Matchbox to this date. Maybe it is time to buy more CLS doubles and do some modding again :) Ha, that would be nice.

Next time I'll post slightly modified SL from Matchbox :)


  1. Great job, congrats! I'll be looking forward for more mod work from you. =)

  2. Thanks my friend :)
    Maybe I'll start some new projects, meaning more photo material :) Winter time is coming...

  3. great mods! From interior to the wheels swap! The CLS looks cool now!
    Hope to see more of your works soon!

  4. Tnx danielh :) Yesterday I bought two orange CLS Matchbox cars... I think I'll do some new modding soon :)))

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